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The Fleet – Twelfth report: Dacia Duster

Time 6:29 pm, October 2, 2015

Dave saw things clearly despite the downpours..

THIS report focuses on my daughter’s graduation from Bristol University, so as a tribute to the younger generation I’m going to attempt to give it a Dacia Dusteryouthful feel.

As you can imagine, the day was totes emosh and the Dacia totally killed it when I was transporting various friends and family members around the city centre.

After all, who knew we’d have to pick up her gown from one place, attend the graduation somewhere else, return the gown, have a meal out, fill any gaps in the schedule with trips to various Caffe Neros/Costa Coffees, and park in numerous multi-storey car parks that looked as though thieves and scrotes could be lurking in any corner?

Also, who knew that it would RAIN ALL BLOODY DAY? Lolz.

The one thing I appreciated on this particular occasion was the great visibility afforded by the Dacia’s no-nonsense, practical design.

Using the multi-storeys was a breeze, and I even found I was reasonably adept at on-street parking.

You know the stress that can affect these showpiece family events? Totally absent this time, thanks in no small part to NJ14 PFD. Wicked.

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Dave, production editor on Car Dealer Magazine, is a journalist with more than 30 years' experience in the worlds of newspapers, magazines and public relations.

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