VIDEO: Arnold Schwarzenegger moves into car sales!

Time 11:58 am, June 26, 2019

ACTOR Arnold Schwarzenegger has certainly played a few roles in his time, starring in hit movies such as Total Recall, The Terminator series and Last Action Hero.

And now he’s becoming known for portraying a new character – used car salesman Howard Kleiner.

Kleiner isn’t your typical dealership employee and has a rather unusual sales technique.

It involves him trying to sell gas-guzzling muscle cars to unsuspecting electric car customers.

It’s an interesting way of getting the EV message out there – yes, that is the aim of the exercise! – and not all customers are fooled as the Austrian-American muscleman approaches them.

In association with California not-for-profit organisation Veloz, which works to accelerate the shift to electric cars, a video has been made showing the former state governor in action.

Would you buy a used car from this man..?

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