What do buyers look for in their new car? Here’s the top 10 reasons to buy…

Time 5:00 am, July 24, 2015

CARS FOR SALEWHEN a customer enters your showroom, what are they looking for in their new car?

Carwow – the UK’s largest new-car buying platform – has conducted a national survey to discover the top 10 most important considerations of new car buyers.

The survey, of UK-based Google users, shows the top 10 most important considerations are:

1.   Price

2.   Fuel economy

3.   Colour

4.   Insurance grouping and cost

5.   Safety

6.   Performance

7.   Manufacturer

8.   Size

9.   Quality

10. Engine size

The carwow data also shows that August is the busiest research month for car buyers in the UK, ahead of new registrations in September.

carwow logo0James Hind, carwow’s CEO, said: ‘carwow is a business built on putting buyers first, by empowering customers with all the information they need before they buy a car. This is why we conducted the survey – to make sure we are providing the buyers with exactly what they want.

‘We were surprised to discover that performance, brand and design fall some way down the list of top considerations.

‘Colour, on the other hand, which barely gets a mention in traditional car reviews, is actually the third most important thing for new-car buyers.’

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