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04.02.09: This bangers bid is starting stress me out

Time 13 years ago

bangers4benlogoWHY, oh why, did we choose to do this Bangers4BEN challenge in the same week the magazine goes to press?

Don’t ask. It sounded like perfect timing when we made the plans, but now, in the midst of sending the March issue off to the printers, I’m struggling to find time to sort the trip out.

There have been some resounding successes and some seriously stressful hurdles to overcome too, but we’re getting there.

On the highs side I’m due to be interviewed by the local BBC radio station tomorrow who are going to publicise the event this weekend. Awesome news.

Also, the local paper plan to interview us for a couple of stories about the trip – it all helps raise the profile of our chosen charity BEN.

Three of us have our cars sorted now. Dan’s is due to arrive Friday which is cutting it fine to say the least. Fingers crossed it turns up.

Other stresses have involved sorting snow chains – never knew something that simple would be so complicated to arrange. And neither did the Halfords PR lady too.

So thanks to Simmie at Halfords for sorting them out – let’s hope we have to use them after all that trouble (did I really hope for snow then?).

There are other ‘issues’ with the laptop I’ve ordered to update the blog on the trip. Being deskbound I haven’t had need for one before, so I ordered one with Wi-Fi from eBay .

The one that turned up is a bit of a dog so I’ve pleaded with the seller for a new one in time for the weekend. Problem is, he’s now gone AWOL and is refusing to answer emails.

I know I’m going to end up at John Lewis on Friday buying a brand new one instead – well, at least I’ve got an excuse when I break it to the wife…

The track day looked set to fall through too when our public liability insurance ‘only’ covered £2m – they needed £5m – so we could take pictures. But thankfully Motorsport Vision have supplied their own snapper instead of ours who didn’t have the appropriate cover.

And last night I picked up the stickers from Phil Voller of Artistic Licence. I only asked for four, but the kind chap produced 12 – so you won’t miss us as we trundle up the country! They look superb!

At least the weather has sorted itself out too – well it has down on the south coast anyway. We’re just hoping it stays that way for the weekend.

Right, enough blogging, I’m off to get this issue sorted…


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