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A quarter of car buyers considering going electric as fuel crisis continues to hit motorists

  • Nearly a quarter of in-market buyers now considering electrified models
  • Research by What Car? finds one-in-ten people likely to buy an EV
  • Data also finds 13 per cent are more likely to buy a hybrid

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Nearly a quarter of petrol and diesel owners are now considering going electric as the ongoing fuel crisis continues, new research has found.

Data collected by What Car? found that 23 per cent of in-market buyers are now thinking about an electrified vehicle.

The survey of 1,186 motorists was conducted amidst a chaotic backdrop of the military being forced to assist with deliveries of fuel to petrol stations.


One-in-ten of the people asked said they were now more likely to buy a fully electric model, while 13 per cent said they are now more likely to consider a hybrid.

The research comes after the SMMT announced that September was a record month for fully electric vehicle sales.

More than 32,000 were registered during the plate-changing month despite it being the worst September this century for the new car market.

What Car? also found that 49 per cent of buyers now considering an electric vehicle are looking to contact a dealer about a hybrid or fully electric car by the end of the year.

Of all the petrol and diesel owners surveyed, 36 per cent told What Car? they had found it difficult to fuel their vehicle in recent weeks due to the shortage.

Meanwhile, 31 per cent said they had now reduced the amount of driving they do.  Nearly half (47 per cent) said they rely on their car for work.

The research also found 35 per cent of all in-market buyers are looking to buy in the next four weeks, while 25 per cent expect to purchase in the next three months.

More than half of all buyers are looking at the new market, while 45 per cent are considering buying a used vehicle as their next car.

Steve Huntingford, editor, What Car?, said: ‘When Covid first struck, we found an increase in the number of buyers considering electric vehicles as their next car due to the positive environmental impact they have.

‘The current fuel shortage is acting as a similar catalyst for electric vehicles.

‘September was another record month in the UK for electric vehicle sales and shows the increasing presence electrified cars have in buyers’ minds.

‘While the fuel shortage is another concern the automotive industry has to face, the silver lining is that it is helping accelerate the transition towards electric cars.’

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