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Alvis completes first post-war continuation model after pandemic threatened project

  • Alvis unveils first completed post-war continuation model
  • Super Coupe built using classic designs and parts but given subtle modern touches
  • Prices for model start at £323,000

Time 12:22 pm, September 28, 2021

Alvis has unveiled its first completed post-war continuation model after the pandemic threatened to bring to project to its knees.

The Graber Super Coupe was hampered by delays brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic and took two years to build.

Now complete, it will be shipped to Japan where the Super Coupe will be one of six models offered as part of the Continuation Series with both pre- and post-war cars included.

The new models utilise classic designs and parts but have been given subtle modern touches such as air conditioning.

They are fully compliant for use on public roads are are sure to turn heads when they go on sale.

The Super Coupe an old stock of chassis and engine blocks which were carefully stored by Alvis since its Coventry factory closed in 1967.

At that time, all of the factory’s parts and racking systems were moved to Kenilworth – which is where this particular car was assembled.


Thanks to the addition of fuel injection, the car now produces 172bhp – up 42bhp on the original model from 1960.

Alvis claims that the Super Coupe will manage 0-60mph in 8.9 seconds.

Alan Stote, managing director of The Alvis Car Company, said: ‘Seeing the Graber Super Coupé leave the works at Kenilworth for the first time was a huge moment for all of us.

‘So much hard work has gone into producing it by our staff over the past two years, that it’s almost sad to see it leave.

‘The all-aluminium bodywork looks stunning up close, the engine runs faultlessly and the handcrafted interior is both comfortable and stylish.

‘As a complete package, this Graber serves as a reminder that our manufacturing processes, which haven’t changed at Alvis since the early 20th century, still produce a product of the highest quality.

‘And unlike so many continuation cars, we have ensured this can be enjoyed on the road.’

With this model now completed, Alvis is now working on the creation of its first Continuation series Graber Cabriolet and a Lancefield pre-war 4.3 chassis car.

Alvis cars first starting manufacturing cars in Coventry in 1920 and became the first car manufacturer to design and race a front-wheel-drive model in 1925, seeing first and second in class places at Le Mans a year later.

In 1968 the passenger car division of Alvis moved to Kenilworth.

Prices for pre-war Continuation Series models start at £295,000, with the Graber Super Coupe starting at £323,000.

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