AutoVolo and Jim Reid have their say on Trade Plates TV

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TONIGHT at 6pm (August 16) on Trade Plates TV watch the latest show featuring AutoVolo and Jim Reid.

Top of the agenda is the company’s latest announcement – the 1000 Voices scheme. This revolutionary idea puts dealers at the centre of the decision-making process with owner of AutoVolo Stefan Voloseniuc giving away 20 per cent of AutoVolo’s shares to participants.

On the show Voloseniuc said: ‘My dad always told me it’s better to share a cake with 1000 people than eat something no good on your own. All of my business models work in the same way.

‘I do have another four businesses in different sectors and I realised that if you put something out there and give back to the people, you’ll get more support and have more success.’

AutoVolo director of sales Stuart Askey and Jim Reid, director of Jim Reid Vehicle Sales, also joined the show held at the car classified website’s headquarters in Borehamwood.

Askey explained: ‘We’d like to present the details fully to the dealers that can come along to the presentation. Jim’s had the benefit of seeing the back end of what we’re doing, that’s what we need to share and impart with the dealers.’

Reid added: ‘I see the figures, that’s what gets me excited! I see the growth they’re making and you can hardly believe it’s only in 12 months; it’s incredible really. We’ve got a fighting chance of making a change to dealers.

‘To get 1000 dealers together to take up 20 per cent of the shares, I think it’s a fantastic opportunity and one not to be missed.’

To watch the show go to at 6pm. Let us know what you think by tweeting @TradePlatesTV with your opinions on the topics discussed.

The first dealer meeting will take place on September 14 and you can register to take part in 1000 Voices by clicking here.

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