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Bluesky gives top picks for transformative website technology that will keep dealers competitive

  • Sponsored post: Leading automotive agency Bluesky gives us its top picks for transformative website technology that will help you to keep the competitive edge in 2022 – and beyond.

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As 2022 fast approaches, it could be time to start thinking about what dealer websites will look like in the year ahead.

Leading automotive agencies like Bluesky Interactive are constantly developing new innovations, plus collaborative integrations with third parties – meaning that dealers’ websites never need to stand still.

Read on for some of Bluesky’s top picks for transformative website technology that will help you to keep the competitive edge in 2022 – and beyond.

Dynamic Offers

Gone are the days of laboriously updating hundreds of offer tables every quarter – thanks to Bluesky’s advanced finance integration with Codeweavers, dealers can now enjoy offers pages that automatically reflect the very latest finance deals.

The only maintenance required your side is choosing the trim level to base the finance on.

This is just one element of Bluesky’s comprehensive finance integration, which is continuously opening up new opportunities for time-poor dealers.

Website Personalisation

A couple of years ago website personalisation was only the remit of huge eCommerce businesses – but now it’s a practical and proven way for car dealers to significantly improve the numbers of leads their websites generate.

Bluesky’s AutoEdge solution enables dealer websites to show different content based on the needs of different customers – improving their user experience and delivering you more enquiries.

Integrated Search and Offers

Vehicle stock and offers being located on separate parts of the site is now a thing of the past.

Bluesky’s upcoming search solution integrates offers alongside your stock, helping dealers to cross-sell and ensuring that customers see your most compelling deals at the most engaging moment. 

The integration of offers and search will transform your vehicle search in 2022.

Auto Trader Connect Services

Bluesky’s collaborative partnership with Auto Trader means that not only can its websites already use Auto Trader’s Connect API services to import new and used vehicle stock, but their upcoming integration into Auto Trader’s stock management APIs and vehicle taxonomy services will see our dealers enjoy live real-time stock updates, creating Auto Trader adverts from within the Bluesky platform.

This saves dealers time, and links key industry services and data to create a unified experience across your stock platforms.  

Flexible Automotive Checkout

Bluesky’s eCommerce solution has been delivering reservations, sales and more to dealers for over a year – and as they head into 2022 the software-as-a-service improvements and developments just keep coming.

From integrating new and competitively priced payment providers through to creating new modules and adding new functionality, this platform is able to grow and adapt with the times – ensuring it stays as the industry’s most flexible automotive eCommerce checkout.

This is just a taster of the functionality that Bluesky Interactive’s cutting-edge websites provide to their wide-ranging dealer clients. 

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