BMW rolls out ‘genius’ staff to assist with in-car tech

Time 8 years ago

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 09.09.43BMW is rolling out its BMW Genius staff programme across UK dealerships after a successful pilot scheme in 2012.

Last year 14 staff at 10 dealerships took part in the programme, which aims to help customers understand some of the complex technology available in its range of cars.

BMW say feedback on the pilot scheme was positive, with customer feedback praising the staff for their product knowledge and ability to explain the features and functionality of the BMW range. It also plays a vital role in selling the upcoming BMW i range of electric cars.

The programme will now roll out to over a 100 by the end of the year, with thirty dealerships already having the scheme in place.

Kevin Davidson, dealer development director, said: ‘The BMW Genius programme has proved that BMW offers its customers the most up-to-date, forward thinking way of engaging with them on a level they’ll feel comfortable with.

‘Buying a new car is a huge decision for anyone so having highly knowledgeable people alongside our existing professional staff in increasing numbers of dealers across the country is a large positive step forward.’

In a job description for the role of BMW Genius, BMW say ‘As a BMW Genius, your main responsibility will be to use your engaging personality to inspire and excite customers in the dealership about the features and benefits of the latest BMW products and technologies. You will also be expected to provide insightful information during test drives as well as support Sales Executives by demonstrating product options to customers when required.’

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