Lifetime Achievement winner Robin LuscombeLifetime Achievement winner Robin Luscombe


Car dealer Robin Luscombe issues industry-wide cancer appeal after battling the disease himself

  • Robin Luscombe encourages car dealers to get tested for prostate cancer
  • Industry legend recently received the all-clear after his own battle with the disease
  • He has now offered blood tests to employees and is organising fundraising motorcycle event

Time 7:44 am, June 29, 2024

Legendary car dealer Robin Luscombe is encouraging industry colleagues to get tested for prostate cancer after his own battle with the disease.

The Luscombe Motors boss was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year and underwent surgery back in January.

He says he has now been given the all clear but is desperate to help anyone else in the motor trade by providing essential tests.

As part of his campaign, the 62-year-old has offered all staff the chance to access a simple home blood test kit, which can then be sent off to a lab for screening.

He says that he has so far been taken up on the offer by 12 members of his team – all males over the age of 50.

In a lengthy LinkedIn post, the former Car Dealer Lifetime Achievement Award winner, also announced he is organising a motorcycle event to raise money and awareness.

He wrote: ‘As you might know I was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year, had surgery in January and am now Cancer free and fully fit.

‘I decided the story needed telling, as so many keep it quiet, but it’s a lot more common than you realise and by the time you have any symptoms, which I didn’t, it’s probably too late to be treated! So getting tested regularly and dealing with it, will save your life!

So I am doing two things. One: I have offered any of my staff who want it a test at home kit, a simple blood test, sent off to a lab for results, it’s £30.00 per person, and 12 of the staff, males over 50 have taken me up, hopefully, all will be clear, but it gets it on their radar.

‘Two: I am organising a motorcycle event to raise money, but more importantly to raise awareness. Prostate Cancer UK do a great job raising awareness and supporting people like me, through the trauma of the diagnosis and treatment.’

Luscombe, whose MG franchise in Leeds recently sold its 5,000th new car, revealed that two people have already been in touch after tests returned positive results.

At the time of writing, a crowd funder set up by the car dealer has raised close to £2,000 – more than 300% higher than its initial £500 target.

He added: ‘The motor trade is full of 50+ year old males, one in eight according to PC UK will get it. If diagnosed early it’s easily treated, if not it’s a life sentence.

‘Please either chip in a few quid, or just share this post, and help save a life.

‘I have been thanked by 2 people who hadn’t considered having a test, as they had no symptoms, both had it, both have had it removed, and both are very grateful.

‘Being in the motor trade and a motorcyclist for 45 years, I have never saved a life, but I might just have done that now, and it’s very rewarding, so by just sharing this story, you might do the same, and a few quid will help the mission to Raise Awareness of how important a PSA test is.’

You can donate to Luscombe’s campaign here.

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