Chit Chat – The Best Kept Auto Marketing SecretChit Chat – The Best Kept Auto Marketing Secret

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Chat marketing – Get your free guide to the best-kept auto marketing secret

Sponsored: Messaging has elipsed social networks in the popularity stakes, and leading messenger marketing agency Chit Chat explains here how dealers can capitalise on this communication revolution

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Auto marketers know that the average path to purchase for a new or used car can span months.

During this research period, countless intent-driven micro-moments occur when buyers turn to their devices to find answers or to address a need.

That can be a question about which car is the most fuel-efficient, which car is best for a young family or what finance options are available.

With the majority of the car-shopping process moving online and increasingly on mobile, it’s crucial that car marketers respond in these moments to help nurture a car buyer along the path to conversion.

This brings us on to chat marketing – also known as messenger marketing – which may be the best-kept secret in digital marketing today.

That’s because messaging has eclipsed social networks in popularity. There are more daily active users of popular messaging applications than social media applications and the gap is growing.

In 2020, Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg said: ‘Where we are seeing a lot of growth and really exciting metrics right now are click-to-messaging ads. These are one of the fastest-growing ad formats in our family.


‘It’s a really good way to drive engagement. It also really takes people further down the funnel from seeing an ad to having a direct connection with businesses, which consumers like and businesses like.

‘We also think the ROI is very high here.’

Messenger bots

The best way to utilise and complement messaging ads is to create a Messenger bot.

A Messenger bot is a chatbot that lives in Facebook Messenger, meaning it could converse with some of the 1.3bn people who use Facebook Messenger every month.

Messenger bots are capable of providing personalised responses to consumers’ questions, understanding the customer’s history with the brand, understanding context and executing complex tasks.

From a customer’s perspective, they’re a friendly and accessible time-saver. From a brand’s perspective, they’re an untapped channel that can deliver personalised customer experiences in real time at scale – which helps increase revenue and strengthen brand identity.

Messenger can help create a single unified customer view. Messenger bots can be connected with tools you are already using as well as seamlessly integrating into your existing sales flow.

Information and data from Messenger conversations can be sent directly to third-party marketing tools (email, SMS, phone, marketing APIs, CRMs, etc).

These seamless integrations help improve productivity, improve customer care, shorten the sales journey and boost conversions.

Download free industry guide

Leading messenger marketing agency Chit Chat has created an automotive marketing guide you can download for free.

In the guide, you can learn how you can use Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct as part of a tailored omni-channel marketing mix to attract, nurture and convert car buyers.

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