Digital marketing: Stay ahead by making better business decisions

Digital marketing: Stay ahead by making better business decisions

A sponsored post from the Car Dealer Clinic in Issue 141 of the magazine

HOW do you decide where to spend 
your marketing budget? Can you 
determine the return on investment 
from your marketing spend?

To understand what marketing channels are working, you need comprehensive website tracking.

This can be achieved with free tools such as Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

You can track where your online inquiries are coming from, even if the customer takes a while to buy.

With the right tracking, all channels involved in the buying process can be assigned a value based on their involvement in generating each inquiry.

If you want to stay ahead, you need to make better business decisions than your competitors; you do this based on facts – the data.

It’s important to ensure that every pound spent is invested in the right channels by implementing world-class website tracking.

You can then monitor your investment and the number of inquiries per channel, along with order and profit values, any rebates, and the expected lead-to-order conversion rates to work out the ROI on your marketing spend.

Then invest in the most profitable advertising platforms, improve your ROI and make more money on every car you sell.

We implement tracking on car dealership platforms, so get in touch and start making decisions based on accurate data.

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