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‘Excuse me but are you missing a dog?’ Top 10 oddest things left behind in part-ex cars revealed

  • Used car supermarket chain Motorpoint inundated with trade-ins after reopening of showrooms
  • All manner of weird items have been overlooked by customers as they drive off in new car
  • Staff have been working to reunite property with owners – including porn DVDs!

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A pet dog has been revealed to have been accidentally left behind in a part-ex by a customer at Motorpoint.

The used car supermarket chain has compiled a list of the top 10 things people have forgotten to take with them after a massive influx of part-exchange vehicles following the reopening of showrooms.

Motorpoint, which has branches across England, Scotland and Wales, has been processing thousands of part-exes for sister company Auction4Cars.

While doing so, it has encountered a wide variety of prized possessions people have overlooked in the vehicle they were trading in.

As well as stumbling across the ‘usual suspects’ such as keys, parking permits, sunglasses, debit and credit cards plus money and phone chargers, staff have also found a number of more ‘unusual’ items that they’ve then sought to reunite with their owners.

They include, somewhat bizarrely, a bale of hay – as well as some items guaranteed to cause a few red faces!

Nikki Bamford, head of customer services at Motorpoint, said: ‘We are all guilty of leaving things behind when we are in a rush, such as our phones, wallets and keys.


‘So it’s certainly only natural that our customers do the same in the midst of their excitement and eagerness to drive away in their new car.

‘We have, however, been left a little bit taken aback with some of the strange things that have been left in some of our customers’ old cars.

‘Thankfully, we’ve been able to reunite most items with their rightful – and, in the case of the dog, relieved – owners.’

Top 10 most unusual items left behind in a car at Motorpoint

  • Dog
  • Hay bale
  • Adult DVDs
  • Underwear
  • Wedding rings
  • Hairdressing dolls’ heads
  • Tree
  • False teeth
  • Uneaten Subway
  • George Foreman grill

It’s unclear if the adult DVDs and underwear were found in the same car…

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