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First Response Finance gives its top tips for how car dealers can use AI to benefit their business

  • Sponsored: If you are looking to start using AI at your dealership, First Response Finance has some handy tips which could help along the way

Time 1:48 pm, April 15, 2024

There are countless ways you can use AI to help you in the day-to-day running of your dealership.

So, if you’re considering using AI in your dealership, First Response Finance are on hand with a few handy and practical tips on how to get started, and what you can use it for on a daily basis.

Make adverts more engaging with AI

If you haven’t used AI before and are not sure where to start, try asking an AI such as ChatGPT to rewrite the descriptions of your car adverts, so your adverts are more engaging for customers. Try something like this:

‘Here is a description of an advert for one of my cars, can you rewrite it so it’s more engaging for customers: (COPY AND PASTE ADVERT DESCRIPTION)’

Top tip: It’s worth noting that AI will only produce what you specifically ask them to do. So, if you don’t like what it comes back with, consider changing the wording in what you ask it to do, and try again.

Reply to customers with AI

AI can analyse what customers are saying and suggest friendly and clear responses. If you copied a customer’s email text into an AI, you could ask it:

‘Can you write a supportive, friendly, and professional reply to this email?’

This helps ensure that emails are free from spelling and grammar mistakes and always sound professional. You could also use AI to reply to any customer reviews or complaints that you receive, and it means you can reply to enquiries quickly, and professionally.

Top tip: Only copy and paste the text of the email itself; never type anything into any AI that is classified as private information or information that could be used to identify a customer.

Reply to social media posts with AI

Posting on social media can be tricky at times, especially with all the competition wanting to reach the same customers as you. If you have a post that you’re not sure how to word, or make more engaging to your followers, ask AI:

‘Can you write a post for my dealership’s Facebook page, letting my customers know that we have new stock arriving?’

As always, you will need to review the answer and make changes, but it’s a great way of increasing customer engagement with your posts, while saving yourself valuable time.

Top tip: AI-generated content does requires some editing, but, it can serve as a helpful starting point and save you time if you’re struggling.

Plan email campaigns with AI

Sending emails to your existing customers is an excellent way of keeping in touch with them and letting them know that you are there to help them. However, finding the right tone of voice and content can be tricky and this is a good example to ask AI:

I want to send an email to customers who have previously bought a car from me, advising them to get in touch and that I am here to help when they are ready for a new car. I want the email to sound helpful, supportive, and friendly with a subject line that will increase open rates’

Using AI for your email campaigns can save you time, help when you’re struggling to know what to write, and give you a better chance of customers reading your emails with clever subject lines.

Top tip: It’s a good idea to tell the AI that you are based in the UK, and to write the content for a UK audience if you find its responses not suitable.

It’s not perfect, but it can help!

It’s best to think of AI as a tool that can assist your dealership rather than replace anything, and remember that any AI recommendations should always be reviewed before being used!

To find out how First Response Finance can help you with your marketing, and sell more cars to more customers, visit our dealer site, fill out our contact form, or give us a call on 01156 711755.

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