Foxy Lady Drivers’ Club will improve life for female car buyers

Time 1:56 pm, August 18, 2014

Screen shot 2014-08-18 at 14.28.11THE UK’s first female-friendly car dealer network has been launched – Foxy Lady Drivers’ Club.

The aim is to provide female drivers with a choice of local showrooms committed to making car shopping more enjoyable for them.

This network operates from sister Foxy Choice website – – and addresses the fact that the registered number of female car owners has increased by 72 per cent since 1994 and will soon exceed the number of male drivers.

Yet despite their wealth and financial independence, few women enjoy shopping for a new car and some even admit to taking a man with them for fear they’ll be overcharged.

Foxy founder Steph Savill said: ‘Women influence some 80 per cent of all car sales and, as expert family shoppers, we are good at comparing products, service levels and prices.

‘We know what we want and if we don’t get it, it’s easy to take our business elsewhere and tell our friends and family why.

‘Most car showrooms still retain an overly masculine aura and I think it’s time to address this alongside the needs and expectations of the gender of their future customers.’

To become Foxy Lady-approved, subscribing businesses have to agree to ‘never overcharge, patronise or sell women services they don’t need’ and meet the scheme’s ongoing compliance process.

Foxy looks for and promotes measurable quality standards such as Motor Codes schemes, customer service awards and individuals listed at the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) Professional Register.

All used car dealers are required to provide a full MOT and a minimum six-month warranty as a minimum but Foxy puts the spotlight on those offering more than this. Special features such as female car sales staff, car reviews written by women, the option of a test drive with a female member of staff, dedicated evenings for women and recent female feedback are all given pride of place.

Steph said: ‘I’d like to see more women getting excited about shopping for a new car. Instead of losing more female business to internet-based dealers we should be encouraging more women to shop locally by making the showroom experience more fun.

‘If I’m going to spend £20,000 upwards, I expect to be courted, feted and treated with respect not worried about being patronised or paying over the odds.’




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