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Gadgets: Who's got the fastest fingers?

Time 2:18 am, May 22, 2010

LOVE your car gadgets? Well, here are the very latest for you to spend your hard earned commission on…

speedoUSB Speedometer

SO who really has got the fastest fingers at your car dealership? Are you a two-finger typer? Or a multi-digit specialist? Well now you can really find out with this seriously cool gadget.

The USB Speedometer plugs into your computer and works out just how quickly you’re bashing out the order forms. The faster you type the faster the needle moves around the clock! It even keeps a daily record so you can see if you’re getting quicker… or slower. £19.99,

Motorola Sat Nav

Mobile phone expert Motorola has launched two sat nav devices – the TN550 and TN765 – and they’re packed with intuitive technology that really works.

Understandably for a mobile phone maker the ability to sync seamlessly with your handset via Bluetooth is very good. It downloads contacts from compatible phones for easy dialling and can even read out text messages. Better still, using voice commands you can send a pre-recorded text message back! This doesn’t work with iPhones though.

Another clever function is its ability to let you choose ‘trusted contacts’ who can find out where you are by texting you. Your sat nav takes over and automatically sends a text back with your current location and where you’re heading.

tn700But again, only with compatible phones. Destinations can be input using voice commands. In fact an impressive 80 per cent of the unit’s functions can be accessed via voice.

Motorola has put a lot of thought into the mapping software. The widescreen 5.1-inch display always shows a map on the screen even when you’re in menus. In map view you also get a miniature overall bird’s eye look at your route which can be handy to gauge how far you’ve got left to go. This display can be changed to show a multitude of other read outs such as current speed, distance travelled and loads more.

The speed camera spotting technology is excellent and the TN765T we tested also has the ability to guide you around traffic jams, tell you the weather, flight arrival times and navigate you to the cheapest fuel. This information is downloaded by making a minute-long phone call through your synced mobile phone to a national rate number.

You get a free 90-day trial with the unit, then these live services cost £29.99 a year after that. You can also opt to have the unit hard-wired into your car (from £100) giving you complete control of your phone’s music through the sat nav screen with sound played via your car’s speakers. £259.99,

Gravity Defying Car

THEORITICALLY a Formula 1 car creates enough down-force at high speed to allow it to drive upside down.

Ok, so this isn’t quite Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari, but this remote control car can drive on the ceiling! Using an in-built fan system the Gravity Defying Car creates enough suction to let you drive it upside down. Or, if you’re feeling less adventurous, flick a switch and terrorise the cat on the floor instead. £29.99,

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