GardX AD-Vantage introduces customised digital experiences for merchandising vehicle features

Time 3:28 pm, February 24, 2020

Sponsored content: GardX AD-Vantage Feature Tour enables automotive dealerships to protect margins by showcasing value-added vehicle features to online shoppers without the users having to leave their website.

GardX AD-Vantage, a leader in the digital automotive sector, has launched their latest offering to add to their digital portfolio, Feature Tour.

Designed specifically to help dealers and OEMs, Feature Tour helps increase gross margins by showcasing the key features and options included on their vehicles.

GardX AD-Vantage’s newest product offering replaces static VDP feature lists with tailor-made multimedia experiences based on a consumer’s self-identified interests.

Feature Tour showcases the most relevant features and options of a particular vehicle, allowing dealers to help shoppers understand the inherent value of that vehicle without the shopper having to leave the dealer’s website.

As well as showcasing a vehicle’s features, Feature Tour can also be used to display F&I content to a consumer far earlier in the sales journey.

Why do we need Feature Tour?

The automotive market is more saturated than ever before, with OEMs striving to create the best and most unique vehicle in the market, meaning that today’s vehicles are equipped with complex features and capabilities that can be difficult to explain.

Lengthy lists and descriptions included on traditional VDPs do little to inform and educate online shoppers, especially in a mobile-first world. As a result, many consumers are forced to leave a dealer’s website to conduct additional research and are often targeted to a new site through online advertising.

Others disregard features altogether and use price as the primary decision driver when comparing vehicles from various retailers. These factors have contributed to decreasing gross margins for dealers.

Feature Tour addresses these challenges by bringing curated videos, images and explainer content directly to consumers while they explore the vehicles on a dealer’s website.

Within Feature Tour sits a proprietary multimedia personalisation engine.

This educates the consumers by showcasing the unique and valuable features of a vehicle, which are most relevant to each individual shopper.

Billy Coutin, GardX AD-Vantage director, said: ‘We are really excited to bring this new product to market. We recognise that a consumer can get access to great explainer content when shopping for a new car via an OEM configurator but there is little help when shopping for used vehicles, just static text.

‘Consumers are left feeling confused over a vehicle’s options because they don’t understand what they are and therefore do not value them. Feature Tour is the perfect way to highlight exactly what features a car has, giving complete transparency to the customer.’

If you are a dealership who would like more information on GardX AD-Vantage Feature Tour for your business, please contact us here.


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