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GardX B2See – Personalised Video 2024

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Time 6:46 pm, July 3, 2024

Video has long been an important tool for car dealers to use to sell cars, and with every passing year its importance grows and grows.

Filming a video isn’t always as easy as it sounds, though, so dealers need slick systems to make it a doddle and to save time.

Providing customers with a professional presentation of their new car or service is a great way of engaging with clients, and GardX B2See works closely with its dealers to ensure a great partnership.

GardX is traditionally known as a paint protection company – indeed, it won that category this year at Car Dealer Power for an amazing 10th year in a row – but it also has a digital pillar of the business, with video products for every stage of the customer journey.

Reacting to the news of its triumph in the video category, retaining the crown for the fifth consecutive year, GardX Group CEO Billy Coutin told us: ‘To win it multiple times in a row is just amazing.

‘It’s a great achievement and testament to the team – they’ve done a fantastic job again this year, and I think it’s reflected by the fact that we’ve been able to win once again, so thank you very much, we’re very, very pleased.’

He added that it would mean a lot to the team to have triumphed again.

‘It’s been a tough year for various reasons, not just in our business but for the industry as a whole. So when you’ve put a lot of work in over a 12-month period and you get rewarded by winning something like this, I think it just goes to show that that hard work is not going unnoticed.’

Coutin said that how it managed its relationship with its customers was one of the keys to its ongoing success in Car Dealer Power.

‘It’s making sure that we have a very, very solid presence and relationship with each of those clients. But it also has to be supported by world-class products.

‘So I think we’ve been very fortunate – we’ve been able to get the balance right between creating good-quality industry-leading products but also managing that relationship with the client, which, for me, you could argue is even slightly more important than the product itself.’

Expanding on his earlier comment about things having been tough for the industry, he said: ‘The good thing about the auto sector is that when things do get a little bit more difficult, we rally together, we pull together and we make sure that we turn it around.’

He added that GardX was beginning to see a significant improvement on the start of the year. ‘And like always, when there’s tough times, there’s always good opportunities out there.’

Coutin said GardX was in the process of launching a new, revitalised video solution that was fully AI-automated, adding: ‘We are already seeing very, very high engagement with that product, and it genuinely has some technology in there that is industry-leading.’

It’s not surprising, then, that Coutin was upbeat about the future, commenting: ‘I’m sure that the end of this year is going to be great.’

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