How to promote green cars

Time 2:56 pm, December 1, 2008

green new appealDEALERS need to use new marketing methods to promote green sub-brands, such as Ford’s Econetic.

Such cars will attract a different type of customer to those dealers have normally seen. Traditional marketing methods will, therefore, not work.

‘Most dealers have not had cars in their showrooms before which wore their environmental credentials so proudly, and they need a new marketing approach,’ said Colin Bruder, MD of consultancy Network Automotive.

‘They are likely to be less impressed by the showroom appeal of a car, and more by hard facts about its green performance. A serious-minded approach is needed by dealers.’

Fleets in particular are likely to be drawn by the new models. This is because of tax advantages. ‘Also, because many drivers and their employers are keen to be seen to be green.’

Network Automotive proposes dealers run environmental sessions, where potential customers find out about subjects such as greener driving techniques.

‘We are still really finding out about these customers, but it does seem that a customer who wants a very low CO2 car often also wants to know how to drive it as economically as possible.

‘It could be that dealers also look at tie-ins with other organisations that wish to promote greener motoring, such as local authorities, or fleets operating in environmentally sensitive industries.’

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