Half of British workforce expect to never resume old commute

Time 1 year ago

More than half of UK commuters believe the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way they commute forever.

Some 29 per cent of 1,000 respondents surveyed by believe they’ll work from home more often, while a further 23 per cent are planning to change the way they now travel to the office.

Just one in 10 plan to enjoy the fresh air and walk to work, while a further 12 per cent expect to ditch public transport in favour of a personal vehicle.


Richard Evans, head of technical services at, said: ‘This year has seen all of us adapt our daily routines, and for many of us our ways of working and commuting has been hugely impacted.

‘We know that there will be many motorists looking to sell their car now that their commuting habits have changed, whether that be to upgrade their car as they plan to drive into work over using public transport, or because working from home means they no longer need their car at all.’

But it’s the personal perception of commuting that has been radically changed. Nearly three-quarters of commuters say they don’t miss the commute whatsoever, while 27 per cent say there’s nothing that they miss about the office.

However, 38 per cent say they’re looking forward to a time when they can return to the office, with more than half admitting that they miss socialising with their colleagues.

One in 10 are excited to spend some time away from their partner for the day, while eight per cent simply want to return to the office so that they can have a break from the kids.

In a list of things people missed about their commute, ‘time to ourselves’ came out on top, followed by listening to music and ‘time to think’.

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