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How Dealer Auction is streamlining used vehicles for independent car dealers

  • Sponsored post: Car Dealer meets Jason Symes, sales director at Dealer Auction, to find out what it is which makes the firm stand out from the crowd.

Time 8:03 am, July 9, 2024

With over two decades in the automotive industry, Jason Symes, brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Formerly the head of dealer – enterprise sales at Cox Automotive, Jason now leads the charge at Dealer Auction, a joint venture between Cox Automotive and Auto Trader.

What makes Dealer Auction a game-changer?

Dealer Auction is a one-stop shop for trade stock, combining the power of Cox Automotive’s wholesale expertise with Auto Trader’s unmatched data and insights.

With up to 60,000 vehicles available at any given time, Dealer Auction simplifies the process of sourcing stock, making it fast, easy, and profitable for dealers.

Diverse stock options at your fingertips

Dealer Auction’s platform offers a variety of purchasing options, including traditional auctions, buy-it-now, and a new ‘make me an offer’ listing type.

Vehicles come from a wide range of sources, including franchise and independent dealers, fleet companies, and even directly from consumers through an Auto Trader initiative.

‘We are currently piloting Consumer Direct, adding around 100 fresh vehicles per week available directly from the public,’ explains Symes. ‘This is on top of our AT private listings and physical auctions via Manheim, providing a diverse and extensive selection of vehicles.’

Empowering dealers with real-time data

Dealer Auction integrates real-time Auto Trader insights across the platform, offering dealers detailed data on available vehicles. This ensures buyers are well-informed and confident in their purchasing decisions.

Additionally, vehicle ratings within a 50-mile radius of the buyer’s location further enhance the buying experience.

User-friendly and efficient

New users might initially feel overwhelmed by the extensive choice and variety of sources. However, Dealer Auction has streamlined the process to make it user-friendly.

‘By setting up a stock policy, you can filter thousands of vehicles with a single click,’ says Symes. ‘Our intelligent platform even suggests vehicles based on your Auto Trader forecourt and recent bidding activity, ensuring you find the right match quickly and efficiently.’

Benefit from the surge in fleet stock

One significant trend is the rise in fleet stock, providing a steady flow of well-maintained, retail-ready vehicles from reputable companies like Hertz, Novuna, Santander Consumer Finance and another FN50 organisation soon to be on board. This growth area offers dealers a consistent supply of quality vehicles, making it a substantial draw for Dealer Auction users.

Looking ahead: Innovation and expansion

Dealer Auction is committed to continuous evolution and innovation. Symes highlights upcoming developments, such as scaling up the Consumer Direct offering and launching the ‘make me an offer’ feature.

‘Our goal is to give private sellers the option to auction their vehicles, bringing more consumer stock into the marketplace,’ Symes shares. ‘The “make me an offer” option allows dealers to dual list in retail and trade environments, maximising opportunities to receive better offers.’

Join the revolution

Dealer Auction is revolutionising how independent car dealers source their stock. With a vast selection, real-time data, and user-friendly features, it’s the go-to platform for dealers looking to enhance their inventory with minimal hassle.

[Jason Symes, sales director at Dealer Auction]

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