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Integration is the key to greater profitability

Time 4:57 pm, September 19, 2019

In this sponsored Car Dealer Clinic column, Vautostock director Chris Barrett explains the value of making sure your software really is the business  

WORKING in car dealerships, there was always conflict between choosing a system that specialised in one area compared to our Dealer Management System (DMS) that did a great general job.

For example, it was difficult to get meaningful enquiry reports out of my DMS, but I could add a great showroom system that would.

I knew sales would increase but there was always internal conflict to keep everything in one place using our DMS.

The extra work double-keying, and additional charge, was the resistance that was hard to overcome.

What is encouraging in recent years is the openness for DMS providers to integrate to enable a business to benefit.

The advice I have is to look at areas you would like to improve. Do not make do with what you have.

Firstly, check your DMS. It might have moved forward since it was installed and could have functionality you have not unlocked.

Secondly, there are some great tools out there that can help. Some, like ours, can improve profit by over £100k so are worth 30 minutes to review.

At Vautostock we will always look at your current systems and are open to integration.

It can be a showroom system, valeting system or DMS. If it can reduce log-ins, improve vehicle preparation and sales, we know it is worth it.

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