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Time 10:47 am, March 25, 2019

LEGALSOLUTIONS4U began trading in April 2016. It is a specialist legal practice offering bespoke legal advice purely to the motor trade. In this sponsored post, find out about the unrivalled service the company offers to car dealerships.

Would you like to:
• Never have to deal with customer complaints ever again?
• Have the opportunity to increase your sales?
• Increase your reviews with five-star customer service?
• We have the answer!

LEGALSOLUTIONS4U are motor trade legal experts and specialise in looking after all aspects of motor law.

The firm was established following the introduction of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and demand from car dealerships to ensure that they were legally protected in all aspects of law, ranging from legal disputes with customers to removing bad reviews from the internet.

Legalsolutions4u offer an unrivalled service to car dealerships in that they will deal with unlimited issues in relation to consumer disputes, bad reviews on the internet, employment issues, trading standards disputes, financial ombudsman disputes, credit card chargebacks and finance house disputes – all for a small monthly fee of £49.99 plus VAT.

There are no tie-in contracts and we operate on a rolling monthly basis to give dealers maximum flexibility.

As part of the service, we review your existing sales procedure and then provide a fully compliant procedure to ensure that you are complying with your legal obligations under the CRA 2015.

The firm is always developing new ideas and strategies for dealers to protect them further and ensure that they can operate as efficiently as possible.

The latest incarnation has been developed by working alongside dealerships and listening to what they want. Based upon dealership demand, Legalsolutions4u have set up a revolutionary aftersales service.

The service was established because Legalsolutions4u were repeatedly hearing from dealerships that they were spending a large amount of time dealing with customer issues post-sale and in the vast majority of cases the dealership was going above and beyond what they needed to do and often in doing so they were prejudicing themselves in relation to matters to do with the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

How many dealerships out there have had the call when the vehicle has not long been sold? – ‘I have a puncture in my tyre! You need to sort it’, ‘My engine management light has come on’, ‘My car has an issue – fix it or I am going to leave a bad review on your website’, ‘I don’t like the car and I want to reject it’.

All these calls are familiar to most dealers and dealing with them takes up time when they could be selling the next vehicle. By using the aftersales service, Legalsolutions4u can deal with the call from the outset and legally protect your dealerships whilst giving 110 per cent customer service and saving you time and money!

How the aftersales service works

The service allows dealers to provide a truly effective aftersales department to match that of franchise dealerships and improve the customer-buying experience as well as ensuring the dealer remains protected from the outset.

The manner in which the system works is that your dealership is provided with a unique direct-dial number which is specific to your local area code and when a customer dials the number the phone call is answered in the name of your dealership.

The advantage of using the aftersales service is that firstly it frees up a dealer’s time to concentrate on sales and not having to deal with complaints. Secondly, every complaint is vetted and underwritten from a legal angle so we can then advise you what you need to do and how you may wish to resolve it.

By having control and being proactive as opposed to being reactive, this gives a much greater level of control over what you should or should not be doing and ensures that anything you may say or do is not prejudicing yourself.

We can also communicate with your current warranty provider and advise if the issue that the customer is raising should be directed towards your warranty company, thus giving more protection to stop a customer eventually moving towards a rejection of the vehicle.

By offering a full aftersales department, it gives the customer a better experience in the event that they do have an issue. In addition, instead of your dealership dealing with multiple customer calls, you will only have one point of contact, which is ourselves, and you can then decide what action you wish to take in the knowledge that we have advised you from the outset to ensure that you are legally protected all the time.

There is no contract involved. It is £12.50 plus VAT for every vehicle that you sell and put on the system and that includes unlimited calls from the customer for the lifetime that they own the vehicle. If a dealership does not like the service there are no tie-in contracts and they can revert to the way they currently operate, so why not try it and see how much Legalsolutions4u can help and protect your dealership?

The feedback from existing dealerships that have started using this service has been incredible and they have advised that it has transformed their aftersales service and has given a greater customer feedback, which has led to better reviews on their website.

It has also meant that all issues no matter how big or small have been resolved quickly and without matters escalating and going legal. We are very proud of the fact that we have managed to save our dealers thousands of pounds in reaching amicable and commercial resolutions without the need for expensive litigation.

The most important feedback of all that we have had is that the customer is happy with the service they have been given from start to finish.

The service was established because we were hearing on numerous occasions how, when dealing with the customer when they initially rang back with a complaint/problem, the dealerships were wanting to do right by the customer but, in fact, were creating more work 
and cost that was not necessary, because they didn’t know what they legally can and cannot do.

As we mentioned earlier, how many dealerships out there have had this call when the vehicle has not long been sold? – ‘I have a puncture in my tyre! You need to sort it’, or ‘I can’t find my locking wheel nut’, or ‘My engine management light has come on’.

All these calls are what we’re sure you can relate to, but it takes up time when you could be selling your next vehicle. Also, by using us for your aftersales service, we can deal with the call from the outset and legally protect your dealerships, whilst giving 110 per cent customer service and saving you time and money!

What you get when you join the industry revolution in aftersales

We provide you with your own personalised aftersales phone number to match your area code

We answer your calls in the name of your dealership

Unique portal log-in to register each vehicle

Your own customer service team, call transfers and message-taking

Every call vetted to ensure no breaches of the Consumer Rights Act 2015

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Full audited complaints log to demonstrate compliance with your FCA obligations

We communicate with your current warranty provider

Join the industry revolution in aftersales – call now to protect your dealership: 0191 481 3992.

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