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Meldrum: What’s your sales team’s focal point?

Time 9:09 am, January 20, 2014

f362d4a2-3ca0-4876-bbd4-3c8d0d792c8cOVER the past two months I’ve written about how important it is for car dealerships to put the individual needs of each and every customer at the heart of everything that they do.

You’ll be aware that everyone who works in your organisation has a focal point and that focal point directs their thinking and their behaviour towards your customers. What this means is if your staff are focused on the wrong things then your customers will not get the kind of service that they really deserve and would encourage them to come back again and again. It’s also pretty certain that they won’t rush to recommend you to their family or friends.

Now, some may argue that getting recommendations from family, friends or even social media doesn’t sell that many more cars, and while this statement may be true for a few car dealerships out there, it would be wise to consider that one unhealthy comment in the wrong place will send many potential customers elsewhere.

One of the biggest competitive advantages any business can succeed in creating is in making every customer contact an enjoyable experience. This direct contact can be by telephone, by email or more usually by a visit to the showroom.

This issue is vitally important to car dealers because having the wrong focal point will mean losing business to competitors who willingly place their customer’s experience first and foremost in the minds of the staff.

One final thing: consistently delivering an outstanding customer experience isn’t about increasing people’s sales skills or issuing more regulatory guidelines for them to follow, it’s about creating a focal point that promotes a ‘customer first’ environment and puts the needs of every individual customer ahead of everything else.


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