New data raises concerns that motorists with MOT extension lack car maintenance basics

Time 1 year ago

New research has raised concerns about drivers’ knowledge of maintaining their own vehicles while being handed an MOT extension. 

The extended MOT for drivers who should have had to take their car for a test since March 30 will come to an end on August 1 and already officials are warning that motorists must book a test sooner rather than later to avoid a backlog.

The latest data from Click4Reg has analysed the searches made in the UK over the last 30 days for MOT related questions.

The data also suggests that during the lockdown car owners have been worried about the condition of their cars and turning to the internet rather than their local repairer.

The most common phrase searched for was for ‘how to check my car tyres’ with 30,650 searches. This towered over the others to make it into the top 10 with ‘how to check my car battery’ coming second with a much smaller 5,880 searches.

‘How to check my car lights’ was the third most asked MOT-related question, with 2,640 searches in the past 30 days.

‘How to check my car steering’ follows in fourth (2,040 searches), ‘how to check car power steering’ in fifth (1,620 searches) and ‘how to check my car suspension’ in sixth (1,390 searches).

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