Peace drives hybrids

Time 10:03 am, September 25, 2008

027050100_1218529312.jpgWHAT do buyers want? Peace and quiet.

And research shows they know they’ll get it from hybrid and electric cars. Which is even more reason why they’re proving to be the next big thing. asked visitors: ‘Should the UK government introduce legislation to make it compulsory for manufacturers of electric and hybrid vehicles to add artificial noise for road safety purposes?’

‘No’ was the resounding answer from over half of them. Given the choice between pedestrian safety or peace and quiet, refinement wins every time.

And the significance here is that buyers understand they’ll get it from future-tech machinery – showing that more and more are beginning to understand how these models operate, and the benefits they bring.

Auction houses are already reporting booming demand for hybrids. Surveys like this show that greater customer understanding of the machines’ benefits may only increase this in the future.

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