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Quality coffee will make customers feel welcome

Time 3:22 pm, September 19, 2019

In this sponsored Car Dealer Clinic column, Liquidline takes a refreshing look at keeping the customer satisfied…

THERE are so many innovative solutions for making your car dealership experience an enjoyable one.

Rule number one is to always be friendly with your approach to sales. No more pushy sales talk. Give them all the advice they need on their new car purchase and ask them questions about their financial budget or what type of car they are looking for.

Let your customers know where your client facilities are on arrival to make them feel comfortable.

Rule number two is to make your car dealership showroom a place to enjoy.

Always offer your customers a hot or cold drink on arrival. Invest in a reliable coffee machine and water dispenser so your customers can serve themselves while they wait and discuss their options with you. Keep your customers hydrated at all times.

Coffee machines are a great way of offering premium-quality coffee in-house.

Rule number three is to provide non-stop entertainment and facilities that your customers can thrive in. Supply them with plug sockets to charge phones and laptops with, iPads with newly installed games to keep young ones occupied, and provide lots of desk space for those that wish to work on the go.

So, always remember to provide decent entertainment facilities, good in-house coffee, be friendly in your approach, and make your showroom a place to remember!

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