Volkswagen falls onto reception deskVolkswagen falls onto reception desk


Receptionists injured at Volkswagen dealership after car fell onto them from second floor

  • The car fell from the second story of a Volkswagen dealership in São Paulo
  • Two receptionists were injured when the car fell on them
  • The valeter driving the car was later found to not have a license

Time 4 weeks ago

A car fell from the second story of a Brazilian dealership directly onto the business’ reception and two receptionists.

A valet was parking the car after cleaning it, lost control and drove through the glass barrier. He then fell to the ground in the car but, according to reports from Mail Online, went to hospital with only a fractured leg.

However, the younger receptionist, 19, had to be taken by helicopter to hospital with several fractures throughout her body. The other receptionist, aged 22, was treated for minor injuries.

The terrifying moment was caught on CCTV in the São Paulo showroom.

The vehicle landed upside down on the reception desk and the employees can be seen trying to escape seconds before it lands.

According to Mail Online, it was later found that the outsourced valeter, 29, who wasn’t employed by the dealership didn’t have a driving license.

Police registered the incident as causing bodily injury while driving and driving unlicensed or disqualified.

Picture credit: Still from CNN Brazil

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