Redundant motor trade staff can get free help and advice on finding a job in special Zoom sessions

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With the end of the furlough scheme just weeks away and redundancies in the car industry set to rise, motor trade job seekers are being offered a helping hand.

A recruitment firm is planning to give inspiration and advice to anyone made redundant from a motor trade role in a special series of Zoom meetings.

The events are open to anyone and will help those in difficult circumstances interact with others in similar situations, say organisers Southgate Consulting.

Callum Southgate from the firm said: ‘It’s a really strange juxtaposition when the retail is having such a strong quarter, as widespread redundancies mean staff in dealerships are stretched to breaking point. 

‘With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, job opportunities within the automotive sector at middle and senior management level are currently few and far between. 

‘Many vacancies will receive hundreds of replies via online advertisements, and the repercussions this is having on automotive careers is the most dramatic it has been in more than 30 years.’

Southgate Consulting say the meetings will provide ‘support and guidance’ to unemployed candidates or those facing immediate redundancy.

Southgate added: ‘Getting their CVs and LinkedIn profiles “razor sharp” is essential, to give applicants a chance of reaching even the first interview stage, and hopefully being able to secure a new role as soon as possible.

‘Our latest initiative will give candidates the opportunity to meet others who in a similar situation – a chance to openly discuss and share their experiences, what has worked well or not for them and look at ways they can also help each other to network efficiently and find meaningful contacts.’

The company implemented a similar initiative during the 2008-09 financial crisis which inspired the latest plan.

Southgate added: ‘Job searching can be a draining and disheartening process, particularly now with working from home and social distancing everything is being handled online. 

‘Unfortunately, this has also created a new “norm” of non-response from some companies who are now recruiting directly, causing more angst for those applying. 

‘We felt now more than ever, we could offer our expertise on how to positively tackle these issues.’

If you are interest in joining one of the 45-minute Zoom sessions contact [email protected].

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