Scrap car yard view from CarTakeBack for advertorial, Sep 2021Scrap car yard view from CarTakeBack for advertorial, Sep 2021

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Scrap car prices have soared by 54 per cent to overtake pre-Covid levels, says recycling centres network

Sponsored: CarTakeBack’s top scrap prices based on individual quotes and fast free collection from anywhere in the UK are great news for dealers wanting to offload old cars

Time 5 months ago

The UK’s largest network of scrap car recycling centres – – is reporting a huge year-on-year increase in scrap car prices.

In the month that Auto Trader reported a 16.7 per cent increase in used car prices compared with August last year, scrap car prices are up by a massive 54 per cent year on year!

The average price of a scrap car hasn’t dropped below £200 during 2021 so far, and currently sits at £250.

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This is great news for the public or dealerships looking to scrap old vehicles.

As CarTakeBack quotes on every individual vehicle, certain makes and models of car can fetch much more than the average scrap value.

Prices also vary depending on where you are in the country, so it’s always worthwhile getting an instant scrap valuation with them.

As the first Covid lockdown made an impact on businesses, scrap car prices took a tumble during April 2020, although they recovered month on month and have far surpassed even pre-Covid levels and continued to rise further throughout the first half of 2021.

With the new 71 plates out this month, setting many new and used car sales in motion, people will be looking to trade in their old vehicles.

CarTakeBack advertorial Sept 21

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Plus, as there will be more cars facing an MOT after the Covid delay to them, we could see more MOT failures being traded in as drivers need to upgrade their cars.

Whether as part of a scrappage scheme or a trade-in, car dealers can take advantage of CarTakeBack’s great scrap prices and fast free collection as a hassle-free way to offload old cars.

Dealer support

CarTakeBack offers an instant, bespoke price for every vehicle with nationwide collection from anywhere in the UK.

An instant quote for any car is available at or by calling 0330 066 9585.

Dealer logins are also available on request to save time when getting quotes and requesting vehicle collections.

CarTakeBack offers support to dealers with:
• Best value offered instantly
• Fixed-price arrangements on request
• No seller fees
• Fast and free collection from any location
• Responsible recycling
• Audit trail and guaranteed paperwork for scrappage vehicles
• Dedicated customer service team

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