SCRAP: Delay 'hurting'

Time 10:51 am, March 21, 2009

fcac83a78b243cc341bf78b2d230e99cTHE government’s sluggish response to calls for a demand-boosting scrappage scheme is hitting dealers.

Independent group Motorpoint has reported it is constantly fielding calls from buyers wanting to know if and when a scheme will be introduced.

The Derby-based business – which has five sites across the UK – has been dealing with a flood of inquiries from buyers wanting to know if the government is about to introduce the initiative.

A scrappage scheme is likely to see the government hand over around £2,000 for cars over nine years old when the owner buys a new, greener model.

Similar programmes already operate in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, and have proved to be a success with their sales holding up far better than the UK – although most are still down.

‘Like many people in car retailing, we support the proposed car scrappage system, as a means of kick-starting the new car market,’ said David Shelton, managing director of Motorpoint.

‘However, the delays in implementing it are starting to become something of a concern, with buyers now telling us they will delay any purchase until it is introduced – adding further woe to an all-ready hard-pressed sector.’

Is the delay in introducing a scrappage scheme causing you woe? What do you think the government should do? Leave our comments below.

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