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SilverBullet is proving to be a seriously potent weapon in dealers’ e-sales armoury, thanks to a 41 per cent conversion rate

Sponsored: More and more dealers are signing up for the bespoke e-commerce systems offered by SilverBullet and here’s why… 

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Forty-one per cent of customers submitting reservations using SilverBullet software are now completing the deal and buying the car.

Conversion rates are equally impressive with enquiries, which are progressing to sales in 18.6 per cent of cases.

These spectacular sales conversion rates are down to the fact that we place the reservation stage at the end of the e-commerce process.

This places more weight on completing other important milestones of the car-buying journey such as trade-in, aftercare products and finance applications.

Putting users in the driving seat

The exceptional flexibility of the platform allows customers to begin, enter, exit and re-enter the e-commerce process however they wish. This enables the system to handle more responsively and intuitively for retail users.

With a comprehensive start URL structure and logic, we enable retail customers to steer their way effortlessly to achieve the desired outcome in their journey.

Our website partners can simply apply these URLs to configure call-to-action (CTA) buttons coherently and apply clear text logic to make the whole experience more user-friendly.

To achieve this, we have developed anchored URLs to match the key stages in the car buyer’s journey, including:

  • Trade-in
  • Finance
  • Reservation

Our bespoke e-commerce systems are fine-tuned to deliver exceptional performance

Working in close collaboration with custom web development agency mtc, SilverBullet is welcoming a huge range of new retail businesses to its world-class e-commerce platform.

Greg Mitchell, Midlands Vauxhall, Rockingham and Griffin Mill are just some of the dealerships that have opted for the bespoke service that we provide.

They have been attracted by our ability to deliver exceptional user journeys by carefully mapping the route through each key area of the website to bring customers to their final destination, fully primed to complete the checkout process.

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Mapping the journey to maximise the deal

Our structure allows users to make journeys that match their expectations.

Customers who want to put a simple holding reservation on a car can simply click ‘Reserve Now For £99’.

However, while this gives real flexibility, our data shows that the most valuable reservations, delivering the highest sales rates, are those where the reservation takes place at the end of the journey.

This means taking the customer through submission of their trade-in and a full finance application.

This complete journey is activated by clicking the primary ‘Build Your Deal’ button, which has been the highest-performing CTA across our client network over the past three years.

Configuring calls to action to enhance sales action

Awareness of stock and supply issues currently facing the automotive industry means customers are aware that the value of their existing car is relatively high.

A ‘Value My Vehicle’ CTA that opens the storefront at the relevant part-exchange stage adds logic and structure to their journey, allowing them to factor a part-exchange figure against the cost of their next car.

This can be used alongside ‘Value My Vehicle’ forms or similar campaigns you may be running.

SilverBullet also gives you the flexibility to ask for mandatory customer details at the part-exchange stage or leave it optional. Split-testing this approach enables you to find out what works best for your business.

The website CTA structure also allows direct access to SilverBullet’s finance and payment configuration screen via a ‘Personalise Finance’ CTA.

This works particularly well for customers who don’t have a trade-in and want to get straight to customising the ideal terms to match their budget.

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We’re with you for the whole journey

The beauty of this bespoke partnership approach is that our commitment to improve user journeys doesn’t end at go live.

We will continually enhance your performance based on continual monitoring of your data and metrics.

If you’d like more information or to book a product demo, email [email protected], call 0333 123 1262 or go to

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