Supercar dealer pledges to pay £100k premium for Ferrari Purosangue 

  • Luxury used car dealer says buyers are desperate to get their hands on Ferrari SUV
  • Purosangue models currently changing hands for upwards of half a million pounds
  • Huge premium promised for in-demand supercar by Tom Hartley

Time 8:31 am, January 11, 2024

Ferrari’s luxurious first off-roader, the Purosangue, is currently commanding premiums of more than £100,000 over list price.

Supercar dealer Tom Hartley said the car is so in demand with buyers – even during a cost of living crisis – that he is promising to pay £100k more than owners paid Ferrari for their cars.

The luxury vehicle specialist is renowned for flipping cars for over their list price and told Car Dealer that while the supercar sales market has ‘slowed down’, the sought-after Ferrari is still ‘hot property’.

He said: ‘I have bought and sold one already for £100k over list and it didn’t even make my showroom.

‘We bought it and then simply transported it to the buyer without even having to put it up for sale.

‘I want to buy more and will pay £100,000 over list for that car today.’

However, he warned that this premium ‘won’t last forever’ but as the Ferrari is currently in such short supply he has buyers lined up who want one now.

‘When you compare that car to a Rolls Royce Cullinan – another luxury 4×4 – it is a lot smaller and far less practical, but buyers are paying double what they do for the Rolls-Royce to get in the Ferrari,’ he added.

Tom Hartley will be appearing on the luxury dealer panel at this year’s Car Dealer Live event talking about the market and his business. Tickets to the March 7 event, sponsored by Auto Trader, are available for dealers and suppliers on the dedicated website.

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The list price of a Purosangue is £312,000, but with options most cost around £400,000 from a franchised main dealer, if they are ordered new.

However, getting on the list to buy one isn’t easy with a strict vetting process in place.

There are currently only three Purosangues for sale on Auto Trader with the most expensive costing £600,000. All of them appear to be at used car dealers or resellers.

Tom Hartley famously fell out with Ferrari when the brand asked him to leave its Geneva Motor Show stand when it revealed the LaFerrari. Hartley pledged then he would buy the first one on the open market and, true to his word, he did.

Hartley told Car Dealer in our Selling Supercar video series that the LaFerrari is his ‘favourite ever supercar’ and we drove one he had for sale in the video we produced with the former winner of the Used Car Lifetime Achievement Award.

Ferrari refuses to call the Purosangue an ‘SUV’ despite its high riding characteristics. However, the brand admits its rivals are the Aston Martin DBX and Lamborghini Urus for the car.

The Purosangue is the first Ferrari with four passenger doors, has a 715bhp V12 engine and can hit 60mph in 3.3 seconds.

Autocar’s review said the ‘Purosangue does for its maker what a lot of SUVs can’t for theirs: it actually feels like a Ferrari’.

Ferrari has been contacted for comment.

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