Thieves love cats

Time 13 years ago

300708for.jpgCATALYTIC converter theft has been in the news a lot recently.

Car dealers are particularly susceptible: cats can be removed in minutes, meaning cars on your forecourt are at risk.

And replacing them can cost hundreds – thousands, even, on high-end cars.

Police are recommending security markings, to make it much riskier for unscrupulous scrap dealers and metal reclaimers to take the parts in exchange. Ford, therefore, has worked with a security marking company to launch a solution.

Retainagroup now offers a simple marking system for cats, giving them a unique identity. Each car casing is marked with a logo, a seven-digit number and a telephone number.

This allows any thieves caught to be instantly collared.

Ford dealers are selling the marking packs, for £11.87 inc VAT, with fleet packs for 30 cars available for £136.85.

DC Ian Elliott of the Metropolitan Police stolen vehicle unit said: ‘Such a proactive approach by Ford and Retainagroup to something that is heading towards epidemic levels in the UK ought not to go unrecognised.’

‘Due to the items being traceable, they are less attractive to thieves because the perpetrators stand a significant risk of being caught and charged.’

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