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Time 9:09 am, October 31, 2013

worling at laptopHOW do you get your dealership staff motivated, where do you spend your advertising budget and could Kia ever beat Ford in the sales charts were the leading topics discussed on the Car Dealer Forum this week.


Dealer Umesh Samani used our forum to ask the following question: ‘Talking to a fellow motor dealer earlier and we got talking about motivation – well lack of to be honest. He is struggling to get the sales staff buzzing. I bounced a few ideas with him some he has tried and lots that don’t do anything! What do you use to keep your staff motivated, performing at their best, offer world class service to customers and make some money at the same time for themselves and the dealer?’

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Where do you spend your advertising cash?

James Baggott asked whether local newspapers still make up a large chunk of a dealer’s marketing spend.

‘Do you still spend most of your money with your local paper?’ he posted. ‘Or is radio more important? Have you dabbled in TV? Or does your spend all of to online portals and ad words these days?’

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Could Kia topple Ford?

And finally Car Dealer’s Cliff Culver posed the question: Could Kia topple Ford? ‘A simple question: Can Kia become bigger in the UK than Ford? If they keep turning out great cars, with seven-year warranties, is there any reason why not?’

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