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Time 12:23 pm, November 6, 2013

worling at laptopHOW do we tackle road side trader and what should customers expect when they’re buying a sub-£1,000 car are the leading topics on the Car Dealer Forum this week.

Road side trading

James Baggott asked: ‘There’s a lot of talk on Twitter at the moment about the scourge of roadside traders. How should they be tackled? What should local authorities do about them? Why are they such a problem?’

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Used car expectations

Prevalent Car Dealer Forum user Umesh Samani posted the question: ‘I saw a “review” on a website a few weeks ago about a customer complaining about what was wrong with a car he’d bought for £895. Yes, the car has to be road worthy and a heap of junk, but what can you really expect for that price? So is it down to customer expectations?’

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