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Tracker: Sale of units ‘a no-brainer’ for dealers

Time 9:13 am, November 27, 2013

Screen shot 2013-11-27 at 10.27.58THE vehicle market is on the up but today’s climate is still very uncertain, so the wise dealers out there are looking beyond traditional income streams to ensure profits remain healthy.

I’ve already talked about add-ons being essential profit generators and the fact that many dealers are unaware of the unique opportunity selling TRACKER units offers, with both the traditional margin available as well as a slice of the subscription that dealers collect for us.

But let’s hear from someone who has experience of trading in TRACKERs and has seen first-hand how beneficial they can be as a selling tool. Pete Walker, group after-sales manager at the Westover Group, says: ‘As one of the largest privately-owned motoring groups in the south of England, we feel a successful dealership is one who caters for all the customers’ needs.

‘By offering all the necessary add-ons like tracking units, we are able to ensure the customer stays with us through the selling process, allowing us to provide a thorough, yet convenient, service. Our sales executives deal directly with the customer and ensure that the units are fitted to the highest dealer standards.

‘The profit generated by the sale of TRACKER units has been a welcome addition to our standard revenue stream. In April this year we fitted our 250th unit. For us, selling TRACKER units is a no-brainer and an excellent way to sustain growth, particularly in such an uncertain retail market.’

So there you have it. Whether it’s at the time of purchase or during the ownership cycle, TRACKER is one profit generator dealers cannot afford to miss out on. But it’s not just the profit potential that makes TRACKER attractive, car owners truly want this product. Car thieves are prolific and sophisticated, using various methods to counteract even the most resilient security systems the manufacturers fit.

If a dealer can offer its customers a way to protect their assets, it will only strengthen the relationship and keep them coming back. Our latest figures show that over £12.5m-worth of vehicles were recovered in 2012 by the police as a result of TRACKER technology.

TRACKER offers worried owners the ultimate peace of mind that should their vehicle be stolen it will most likely be recovered within 24 hours. RACKER has sold more than one million tracking units in the UK alone and counts every police force across the country as a partner, with 95 per cent of vehicles fitted with a TRACKER being returned to the rightful owner and 86 per cent of these being returned within 24 hours.

We have made it easier for dealers to sell TRACKER units and are keen to talk to dealers across the board that aren’t aware of this profit opportunity. Where other avenues of optimising profit may have been exhausted, stolen-vehicle tracking systems represent a rich vein of opportunity that has been untapped — until now.


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David is sales and service director for Tracker.

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