Wombles want new cars

Time 14 years ago

WANT to supply the Wombles? You know, those cars you see on motorways that look like police cars, but aren’t. Well, they’re after a new fleet of cars and are inviting bids from suppliers.


Currently the Wombles – so called by TV legend Jeremy Clarkson because they go around picking stuff up after an accident – drive around in Range Rovers and similarly needlessly expensive cars, so what do they want now?


Well, a spokesman for the Highways Agency, which is in charge of said Wombles, explained: ‘The Highways Agency is to change the method by which vehicles and related fleet services are procured and delivered for its Traffic Officer Service. 


‘The Agency wants approximately 195 vehicles on a contract hire basis, maintenance and fleet vehicle support services and fleet management.


‘To maximise the use and effectiveness of the Traffic Officer vehicle fleet, the Agency says it is looking for innovative and proven solutions. To assist prospective suppliers, there will be a pre tender information seminar in Birmingham during June.’


The seinar will allow prospective bidders to find out more about the type of vehicles used by the Traffic Officer Service, and discuss the Agency’s requirements in greater detail.


So there you have it – if you want the deal go along, you may even meet Uncle Bulgaria…

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