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Warrantywise – Warranties 2024

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Time 6:28 pm, July 3, 2024

Sometimes things go wrong, and a good warranty provider can make the whole process pain-free for both the dealer and the customer. 

Dealers need to feel as though their warranty provider has got their back – and that’s exactly what our serial Car Dealer Power award winner, Warrantywise, offers for dealers. 

But more than that, dealers told us that the firm is one that they really rate, praising its approachable and knowledgeable staff.

‘It feels amazing to win again,’ said Warrantywise’s B2B sales manager Zachary Grogan. ‘We’ve won a few years now and every single year we try to ourselves a little further to make sure we win it again.’

Grogan is clear why the firm keeps on impressing dealers.

He says: ‘There are several things that we do that set us apart from the companies in this saturated market. 

‘Firstly, it’s our customer service – we are always striving to be the absolute best version of ourselves, and we put the dealers first. Secondly, it’s the strong relationships we have with our dealers – I’ve been here for five years and the relationships we have are amazing and keep getting better. 

‘We also have incentives for our dealers. We recently rolled out something called Wise-up plus rewards, which rewards a dealer for booking warranties. The rewards get a little bit better every month and can be worth hundreds of pounds.

‘Also, we’ve very adaptable to the market – we’re very good at spotting trends and then feeding that back to our dealers. This is something that we work massively hard on. We don’t want to be a cost to a dealer but a benefit. And it seems that they do appreciate that, which is why we’re winning every year, for the last few years anyway. 

‘We are continuously improving – this is something the company really believes in. You know, we’re always looking for that next step and that next level of excellence.’

Grogan describes the last 12 months of business as ‘interesting’, referencing rising interest rates having an effect on the used car market.

‘But one thing about this industry is that it is adaptable and resilient,’ he said.

The final word to Grogan: ‘A huge shout-out to our car dealer network and their unwavering support.’   

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