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Website Provider for Franchised Dealers – Car Dealer Power Awards 2020

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With showrooms closed and click and collect the saving grace for dealers, during lockdown franchised dealers needed all-singing and all-dancing websites.

From finance quotes and part-exchange valuations, to the ability to buy a car completely online, dealers pushed their designers to the limits – all in an attempt to woo car buyers during an unprecedented time.

GForces has long been at the forefront of this area and has won this award a number of times before.

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It’s a relatively small business that delivers a mighty punch for dealers, with outstanding products and unrivalled customer service. 

‘We have a platform that is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of what it does for our dealers,’ said GForces’ sales director Paul Hilton.

‘It’s the people in our business, the support function that we provide to our customers, the product delivery – we offer the whole package.

‘A website is a small part of the solution that we provide, but ultimately it’s the level of support we have given to our customers that marks us out.’

And in 2020, dealers have needed great customer support – and then some! During lockdown, the firm rolled out websites at a record pace to new and old customers.

The firm introduced a whole package of support for its dealer customers such as new ideas, initiatives, features, general messages on their websites to weather the storm of 2020.

A key reason why GForces has always been at the top of the pile in this category is its ability to innovate, and 2021 will see the company expand once again.

Hilton added: ‘New car e-commerce is a really big part of our business and of course for franchised car dealers the same is true.

‘We’re rolling out a programme of online retail and e-commerce for new cars, which is really beginning to build some steam now.

‘We’ve got some major integration of service bookings – again, highlighting a focus on the franchised dealer market – and for DMSs. It’s all about developing the products we already have – our other plans are a trade secret!’  

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