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Time 9:38 am, December 20, 2013

worling-at-laptop1THIS week’s top questions on the Car Dealer Forum include Christmas Bonus and opening ours – what do you do? And is there a faster way to get images on your website?

Christmas bonuses and opening hours – what do you do?

Independent dealer, Jim Reid asked:

‘As our accountants have finished early for the festive period, I sat and carried out our Payroll Run yesterday, and like every Christmas I made my ALL my employees a Christmas Bonus!

Now excluding Gail and myself, we have nine full time employees and three part time, so this year has been the largest year we have paid out on. Although I did question this payment this year it still feels right and proper paying a Christmas bonus and I do genuinely feel that it is appreciated as a I little thank you for our team’s hard work during the year.

Is it an old fashioned thing to do and can it be replaced with an annual performance payment? What do you do? Do you pay a Christmas Bonus or take your staff out on an all-inclusive meal and drinks night?

Also I would love to get an understanding of what dates everyone has decided to close this year for Christmas and is your sales team back in to the showroom in between Christmas and the new year?’

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Is there a faster way to get images on your website?

Independent dealer, Umesh Samani asked:

‘I get a bit carried away taking lots of pictures of all the cars, sometime up to 40 images each! Obviously all this takes a lot of time from not only taking the actual pictures but rescaling and naming them all.

Is there a faster way? What does everyone else do? I know autos on show have a system where you literally walk around the car with a camera it does a video and then takes approximately 10 images automatically – this is great for a big operation but not cost effective for someone like me.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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