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Your guide to watching this Friday’s Used Car Awards with Wheeler Dealer Mike Brewer in style #UCAwards

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Car Dealer will be broadcasting the much-anticipated Used Car Awards on this website at 6pm Friday as Wheeler Dealer Mike Brewer dishes out a dose of good news to dealers.

With lockdown fatigue kicking in for us all, the Used Car Awards will shine a light on the best areas of the used car industry as we celebrate cracking dealers, manufacturers and cars.

But how is it all going to work? And what can you do to get involved? Well, while this year things might look a little different, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the big night in.


You won’t have to wonder why your tux has shrunk (again) or face awkward looks on the Tube as you head to the Brewery in London dressed like a penguin for the awards, as this time you’ll be able to watch it all from the comfort of your own home.

In an effort to assist, we’ve jotted down some top tips for making the most of the Used Car Awards live premiere at 6pm this Friday.

What are the Used Car Awards?

The Used Car Awards celebrate the best dealers in the business. There were thousands of entries this year and our judges whittled them down to a Nominations List, and then mystery shopped them all. In January we announced our Shortlist and this Friday we’ll announce the results.

Hosted by Wheeler Dealer star Mike Brewer – a car dealer himself – the awards are also handed to the best used cars on sale today. Brewer has given them a test drive and you’ll be able to find out what’s been picked in the special broadcast at 6pm on Friday.


Make YouTube work on your TV

The Used Car Awards will be broadcast on YouTube. Those clever video people let us set it up as a premiere, which means it’ll broadcast as live from 6pm. That means you won’t be able to fast forward it and need to watch it old school, as it happens.

We’d advise against watching it on your phone or computer and instead go for the full home cinema experience and stick it on your big TV. That will of course mean working out how to do it. We’d suggest asking your kids for help.

Lockdown tipple

Usually we’d all be crammed into The Brewery for the Used Car Awards, enjoying a three course meal and as much beer and wine as we can drink. Unfortunately, the words Covid and crammed aren’t good bedfellows, so this time around you’ll have to water yourselves.

While the lockdown has meant all-you-can-drink sessions at home alone are frowned upon, a little tipple while you watch the awards will make it feel more realistic. If you’re up for a gong treat yourself to something sparkling and get your other half to pour it for you over your shoulder for added realism.

Virtual meet

We love Zoom don’t we? Ok, no we don’t, but don’t worry this won’t be a boring quiz with your never-seen-in-normal-times relatives, more a fun night in with your mates.

Why not set up a virtual Used Car Awards watchalong party with the rest of your team to enjoy the event together, you can crack a beer, and cheer and boo as the awards are announced. Just make sure you’re not on mute. Actually, in this case, make sure you are.

Shout about it 

Usually the Used Car Awards are as much about catching up with colleagues in the industry as it is about finding out who has won. Using the hashtag #UCAwards you can see what others are saying about the big night on social media.

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If you’re up for a gong, shout about it using the hashtag and point your followers back to the video – the link will be on our homepage and on our YouTube channel. Unlike at The Brewery where we’re limited to 600 people, anyone can watch the awards this time around, so get spamming.

Relive your greatness forever

Yes, we know that sounds like it came out of a Chinese cracker, but we’re sticking with it. If you’re lucky enough to be a winner or highly commended placed firm, you’ll be able to relive your greatness for years to come as this year’s event will live on YouTube.

Whereas usually our winners celebrate on the night with our 600 guests, this year it can be watched by anyone. Shout about the fact you’re up for an award and share the video link on your social media so your fans, followers, mum can watch along too.

Sorry, say it again

  • Who? Mike Brewer & James Baggott
  • What? Used Car Awards, sponsored by Black Horse
  • When? Friday, February 5, 6pm
  • Where? Here. On this website. Oh, and on YouTube
  • Why? Because there’s nothing else to do. And what better way than to celebrate this great industry?
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