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15.02.09: Two bangers sold, just two to go…

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mondyTHE whole reason we launched our Bangers4BEN challenge was to raise some cash for automotive industry charity Ben.

OK, so it was a chance to get away for the weekend and have some fun too, but raising some serious cash was high on the agenda!

So it’s superb that we’re starting to see the money roll in. You see, selling the cars hasn’t been as hard as we thought…

Dan has already got rid if the Beemer. He sold it to a friend of a friend of the friend of a friend he bought it from. I know, complicated. I haven’t asked questions. Well, apart from the important one – how much did you get? 

The answer… £250. Ok, so not the best profit, but then it was a bit, er, ‘flaky’ to say the least and that’s not far off book.

I, on the other hand, have had a rather decent result. Chatting to an an old mate while grabbing a sandwich last Thursday, I pointed to the Volvo outside and explained we’d just got back from Scotland.

I told him all about the trip and thought no more of it, but next day I got a call. 

‘You still got all those motors?’ says my pal.

‘Er, yes mate – we might be Car Dealer Magazine but that doesn’t make us God’s gift to sales,’ I joke.

Turns out he’s got a mate who needs a car sharp-ish. He hands over my number and a few texts later and I’ve arranged a viewing for him on Saturday.

I get up early and clean the ST, wiping away all that salt from Scotland and after two hours’ work she’s looking stunning. I mean it, that car really comes up a treat after a bit of hard work with the suds.

Mr Soon-to-be-Buyer turns up dead on midday, takes one look at the car and falls in love. After a two-minute test drive he’s back and offers me full price. Not even a haggle – £600 on the nose!

So we’ve managed to raise £850 already and we’ve still got the Volvo to shift. And we’ve got high hopes for the V40 – I’m thinking eBay is the way forward!

Oh, and we’ve decided to auction the Calibra with our friends from BCA – more on that soon…


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