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19.03.09: Dropping our banger off at BCA

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bcaWE dropped the Calibra off at BCA yesterday ready to be auctioned off as part of our Bangers4Ben challenge.

The chaps there offered to auction the car FOC – cheers guys – and the Calibra is due through the block on Monday at the Blackbushe site.

The guys have got a lot of work to do first though. Press supremo Tim Naylor has organised for the Vauxhall to get ‘the works’ in terms of preparation.

To be fair, it needs it – the Calibra is covered in rather a lot of road salt and needs a bit of, er, ‘tinkering’ inside.

Tim is confident that he’ll be able to get the old Calibra looking like new – well, at least slightly polished! He’d also done a bit of research on the Vauxhall before we turned up (we gave him the reg the day before).

It turns out this isn’t the first time the coupe has been under a BCA hammer… They last sold the car 10 years ago when it made £6,325 for a car leasing company! Funny how things go full circle.

We picked the car up from Dunc’s old dealership and, amazingly, after three weeks sat in the car park, it started on the second turn of the key!

When we got to Blackbushe, Dunc managed to park it right outside the front entrance alongside a rather tasty looking Ferrari 360 Spider, an 08-plate BMW M3 and a Jaguar XK-R. I must say it looked slightly out of place!

That tasty stuff is due to go through the halls on Monday too, so we’ll have a bit of fun on the day – but will probably have to leave the credit cards at home!

Tim plans to park the Calibra outside the Blackbushe restaurant for the rest of the week – so take a look if you’re heading there.

I can’t wait to see it go through – hopefully we’ll at least make back the £250 we paid for it, but probably not as much as the last time it went under the hammer…

I’ll try and add a video of the sale Monday too.


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