22.01.10: Anyone else up for banger racing?

Time 9:12 am, January 22, 2010

djs_4252YOU’VE probably seen I’m racing a Hyundai i10 in a banger race this weekend.

We’re doing it to mark the end of the UK scrappage scheme and are producing a video of my efforts for the website.

While I was trying to think of way to end the film, I had a brain wave. Yes, I do get those sometimes…

This was my idea – why don’t we sort out a Car Dealer Banger Race, pitching autmototive industry types against each other.

My thinking was dealers are taking in scrappage cars all the time and these have to be sent away to be crushed. So surely having a bit of fun with one before it’s crushed wouldn’t be too much of a problem?

Our thinking is dealers send one of their scrappage cars to our mechanic who has helped prepare the i10.

He’ll do everything needed to get it ready for the banger race, take it to the track, supply you with all the safety kit needed and then crush it for you afterwards – even sending you back a Certificate of Destruction so you can claim your scrappage cash afterwards.

All you’ll need to do is turn up and race. We’ve spoken to our man and he says all it would cost teams is £350 a car – not bad for a day of destruction.

We’d cover the whole thing in the magazine and online giving you some excellent publicity at the same time – you could probably even write it off as a marketing cost!

Not a dealer? Then that’s not a problem either, for an extra £50 our man could supply a car for you too. 

At the moment all we’re wondering is whether anyone would be up for it? If we get some expressions of interest we’ll see what we can do about organising it.

Just think about it – your chance to crush a car in the most elaborate way, have some fun and beat other dealers into second place! What more could you ask for?

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