31.07.2008: Babies vs Chelsea Tractors

Time 2:15 pm, July 31, 2008


I READ a superb story the other day in one of the national newspapers. It was only a small snippet, but one that made me chuckle nonetheless.


It was a report by some boffin that had appeared in the British Medical Journal about birth control. But the line that this particular piece had focussed upon was a quote from one of the egg-heads. 


Basically what they were saying was that every couple in the UK should be restricted to the amount of children they have as every child produces over their lifetime more ‘emissions than a gas guzzling car’.


Brilliant! Now I’ve got a reason to go out and play in the latest, juiciest and fastest test car I can get my hands on. You see every time some bearded green do-gooder sneers at me, I can shout something about babies killing planets not cars.


In fact I might even get a bumper sticker produced. ‘Babies worse than Chelsea Tractors’ or maybe something like ‘Save the earth, Stop having babies’. Or something far more witty that someone funnier than me can think up.


The next issue of Car Dealer is heading to the printers this week and it’s got a green theme running throughout. I’ve mentioned in my Start column just how much these eco messages are getting on my wick, but I know just how important it’s going to be to car dealers in the future.


As fuel prices remain at wallet-walloping prices, house prices dip to levels that make sheds look a safer investment and a loaf of bread costs more than muir – it’s understandable buyers are looking to either downsize or buy a more eco-friendly car.


Problem is, if I was selling cars and had this gem of information, the next time a punter rolled up with a family of four in toe and asked to see the latest Bluemotive, or whatever the 1,000mpg car in my range was called, I’d be rather tempted to tell him it was a bit too late for that… 


Happy selling!



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