05.02.09: There's snow messing from Land Rover

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brilliance-from-land-roverLAND Rover has e-mailed out a small slice of pure genius. SUVs, their stock in trade, are under attack – we all know that.

But, on days like this, the reverse is true.

When it snows, or floods, or does something else freakish (and, let’s face it, mad weather’s becoming something of a common occurence nowadays), off-roaders come into their own.

Supermini drivers start saluting Range Rover owners. Old ladies send prayers and good tidings to RAV4 XT-R pilots.

Land Rover has thus taken the opportunity to capitalise on this good will, with a quite brilliant piece of e-mail marketing.

What’s it done? In short, send everyone on its database a smart, simple e-mail. It’s a link to the site, encouraging prospects to find out more? The really clever part?

Land Rover’s headlined it thus: ‘It’s never the wrong kind of snow, ice, rain or sleet for a Land Rover’

Smart, simple, savvy, and sensationally effective.

The link goes in to encouage prospects to book a test drive. A simple click on the e-mail is all it takes – and, we’re sure, Land Rover will achieve far more with this than any host of more conventional campaigns.

A brilliant example of a clever e-mail campaign which builds, enhances and buoys the brand all in one.

Good on you, Land Rover!


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