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camaro1CHEVROLET managing director Mark Terry has confirmed all UK dealers will be able to take Volt and Camaro orders.

The two halo products for the manufacturer are key to getting customers into dealer showrooms with Camaro arriving in quarter three of 2011 and Volt in March 2012.

Terry explained that Chevrolet UK will not stock Camaro models with all cars being built to order and couldn’t tell Car Dealer how long these orders would take to arrive in showrooms.

‘That is something we’re still working on,’ he told us in an exclusive interview at the launch of the firm’s MPV Orlando model in Valencia.

‘But all dealers will be able to take orders for Camaro – that’s important for the network.’

He wouldn’t give us an exact price but revealed that customers have told him they’d be ‘willing to pay between £40-45,000 and then spend money on extras’.

Camaro will go head to head with the likes of the Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang in the UK, but Terry also expects to attract owners of performance saloons like the Subaru Impreza.



The electric-powered Volt will also be a car that the entire Chevrolet dealer network can retail.

‘We want all our dealers to be able to take orders for it, but our focus will remain around large conurbations where it will work best for owners,’ said Terry.

‘Obviously we won’t expect a dealer selling one car to invest in all the servicing equipment just for one eco conscious buyer in their area, but they’ll still be able to sell it.’

Chevrolet’s decision to let all dealers sell Camaro and Volt differs to other manufacturers. Nissan, for example, sells its GT-R supercar through select retailers and the Leaf will be the same when it arrives early next year.

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