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Almost 70 per cent of successful sales completed over phone, says Cartotrade

Sponsored: Cartotrade tells dealers it’s time to start picking up the phone as close to 70 per cent of successful sales are completed via telephone

Time 4 months ago

Almost 70 per cent of successful sales are now being completed over the phone, says specialist trading network Cartotrade.

The online platform says the pandemic has led to dealerships experiencing higher phone traffic than they have seen for several years.

Experts at the site say that modern dealers are ‘seemingly much less comfortable speaking to people on the phone’ than their predecessors.

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As a result, Cartotrade are advising members to brush up on their phone techniques.

Laura Cannon, co-founder of Cartotrade, said: ‘The new generation of dealers coming through the trade are seemingly much less comfortable speaking to people on the phone than their forerunners are and were, but in order to survive these turbulent times, they’re having to go old school and pick up the phone.

‘Before this year, the trend of buying through our website was very much more towards online messaging, via our dealer-to-dealer chat system, which has recently been upgraded. 

‘Undoubtedly, a shortage of stock has meant that dealers need to act faster and be sure they have secured vehicles before they’re gone – the most efficient way to do this is by talking to the selling dealer directly, then everyone knows where they are.

‘We do see a lot of deals that have been agreed over the phone then being followed up with confirmation in writing via our chat system and this sits very well with us, as it offers reassurance to both sides.’

Whilst the phone does seem to be helping to increase the successful trade purchases, Cannon encourages Cartotrade members to ensure they are maximising their buying opportunities by ensuring they are hearing about vehicles being offered through the website as soon as possible.

She added: ‘Cartotrade members are able to select a detailed profile of stock that they are interested in buying, right down to the make, model, age, mileage and distance from them.

‘When such vehicles are advertised, they will receive an instant notification giving them the best shot at securing the vehicle.

‘It works very well and dealers – both sellers and buyers alike – are often surprised how fast vehicles sell and could have sold several times over.’

Cartotrade member Alan Boddington of Corporate Cars agreed with her assesment.

He said: ‘After having a free trial with CTT we managed to sell three vehicles very quickly and established some good new contacts.

‘It has been very refreshing to deal with like-minded dealers rather than auction houses.

‘Having taken up membership we are looking forward to doing much more business dealer to dealer as it should be.’

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