BCA introduces daily valuation intelligence to help dealers

Time 9:40 am, October 23, 2019

BCA has introduced daily valuation intelligence to ensure buyers and sellers are fully informed and in tune with actual market conditions.

BCA Valuations predicts the final hammer price on vehicles sold at BCA and uses automated machine learning algorithms to calculate fair and unbiased valuations, based on 200 distinct data points across five million real transactions.

The announcement follows a significant expansion of BCA’s Decision Intelligence capability, driving greater efficiency and insight for customers and generating enhancements to the accuracy of BCA valuations.

The service is now provided daily to BCA customers using the BCA Dealer Pro system and underpins a range of pricing services BCA provides for the used vehicle sector. Uniquely, BCA Valuations also provides future auction values, allowing dealers to make informed decisions on retail customers’ part-exchange vehicles that might not come back into their network for several weeks.

Dene Jones, BCA’s chief marketing and data officer, said: ‘Monthly price adjustments no longer meet the needs of our customers.

‘BCA Valuations is the only service that reflects remarketing sale values in real time using a range of insight, including cosmetic and mechanical condition, colour and equipment.

‘When market conditions are changing quickly, it is not enough to be making overall headline adjustments to prices, as the relationship between different vehicles can change daily.

‘Therefore, all our pricing relationships are re-evaluated every night. We use sophisticated machine-learning techniques to reduce fluctuations resulting from one-off transactions which means BCA valuations are robust and based on real-time market conditions.’

Jones added: ‘Better informed and more technologically-literate consumers are pushing dealers to be more transparent in the sales process. More often than not, a car buyer arrives on the forecourt with a valuation for their own vehicle and a target price for the car they wish to purchase. This makes the ability to value used cars accurately even more critical to trading profitably.

‘BCA Valuations is game-changing for the remarketing sector and means both buyers and sellers are aligned to actual, real-time market sentiment.’

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